National Estate Development Pty Ltd aim to become a leading Australian housing  and marketing  organisation providing manufactured housing solutions across a broad spectrum of markets, using innovative  technology and designs.

Operations are planned to extend to over a number of countries world wide positioning N.E.D to be recognised as a  leader in off-site manufactured housing with a full range of client support services, integrated construction and supply channels with logistical capabilities of servicing  locations around  the globe.

NED’s business and vision is captured in the corporate statement …global building solutions


Manufacturing Presence

With offices and manufacturing based in Sydney in Australia and Vietnam,  NED plans an extensive geographic network within Australia and overseas  

 NED combines the personal domestic and overseas experience of  over 250 years of architecture, engineering, marketing, communication and corporate relations, project management, finance and senior management to market new generation houses world wide.

Each strategic phase of NED’s plan is subject to research and  assessment of manufacturing, construction, design and operational capabilities.

NED adheres to the principles of quality management and is pursuing full accreditation of management standards to the internationally recognised ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.


Strategic Alliances

An integral part of NED’s customer-focused strategy is strong business alliances with respected companies in the residential housing industry. Commencing in 2011 these will include major residential housing developers in Australia and overseas, governments at all levels both domestically and internationally, suppliers of materials for housing construction and academic bodies specialising in research and strategic housing planning.

By leveraging the strengths of its partners and their products, NED is able to provide the business solution that best fits the home owner’s needs.



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